LEVELING UP – Going from Basic to Transformed

Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time growing, learning and understanding what it takes to find sustained happiness through the ups and downs that we all encounter in life and love.

Below, I’ll share ways you can LEVEL UP your life! From basic, easy-to-do activities, to LIFE CHANGING practices that will transform your attitude, relationships, and happiness. It all starts with how you show up!

Here are some positive ways to show up:

  • Smile → feeling down? Psychologically you can trick your psyche into feeling happier with a simple smile
  • Eye contact → be direct, confident and unapologetic!
  • Stand up straight → nothing says confidence like standing tall and proud
  • Be grateful → start a ‘Gratitude Journal,’ reinforce how much you have to be thankful for already
  • Daydream → What is your biggest dream? Dream BIG. BIGGER. Allow yourself to reach for your highest potential
  • Manifest your reality → if you can visualize and believe it, it WILL become reality
  • Believe in something bigger → God, higher power, etc. Do your best, trust the process, expect the outcome

The truth is, your brain cannot tell the difference between thought and reality. Your brain knows what you TELL it, what you SPEAK to it daily, and what you DO. With that being said, here are some ways you can put this into practice.

Start by asking yourself these questions (I suggest writing down the answers):

How do I show up every day?

How do I show up in the morning?

How do I show up with my family?

How do I show up with my friends?

How do I show up in a room full of people?

How do I end my day?

With conscious understanding, practice, and small changes in your everyday life, you can find your happiness. Want to learn more about my journey and how I can help you? Connect with me below!

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