Is it wrong that you are not ok with your man liking other women’s photos on Instagram or Facebook?


Here is what I think. Please if you disagree- it’s simply my opinion, we can agree to disagree.

We’ve all been there before. You go to check out your daily activity on social media. You see your boyfriend’s name comes across under a very attractive woman’s photo. He recently looked at it, and consciously liked it, or double-tapped and put a heart on it.

It’s only a photo. What’s the big deal? It’s not like he is talking to this girl or even knows her. We have talked to men who do this regularly and they feel as if they’ve done nothing wrong. But women tend to disagree. When I ask men the question- would you go up to that woman in public and say, I like your look, or wow, you have my attention. The good majority of men would answer no. So what is the difference with social media? With online dating and Facebook dating is the norm these days, this is the first approach. Maybe you wink, poke, wave, “like” or heart someone that you would like to get to know. You are consciously or unconsciously flirting with someone. Like it or not- that is what is happening when you do this.

So- you are in a relationship, happily or unhappily- you just cracked the door open and said, hey to that other person. Do you see why I think that this is wrong? I am not saying only men do this- but the majority of the time it is women posting hot most often overly filtered pics. I rarely see men doing that. Lol, no offense men.

So: Does being in a happy, healthy relationship mean that you can’t look at attractive pictures? Of course not. We’re all human. But why not look, and then move on? Or better yet- don’t follow them in the first place 🙃The issue is he knows (or should know) that what he’s doing is visible to anyone, including you.

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