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A Stress Free Holiday!

Merry Christmas, Felix Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, and the list goes on. Such a happy time of year, the old Folgers commercial gets me every time they play it over the

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Sending Nudes

Where did this even come from? Scandalous right? When I started in this industry over 20 years ago, this wasn’t even on the radar. Nowadays sending nudes among dating is

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Quarantine Glow Up

Hello, shower… is that you? It’s been a while. Have you had a similar conversation lately? Don’t worry, there’s no shame in our game. We are all feeling it. We

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Be Present

Are you living in the present tense? Have you ever found yourself driving down the road thinking about what you have to do next week? Dreaming about a European vacation?

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What I Want In A Man

I listen to hundreds of women per month asking for the perfect man, a Mr. Darcy if you will, with a little touch of James Bond and a healthy scoop

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