Are you living in the present tense?

Have you ever found yourself driving down the road thinking about what you have to do next week? Dreaming about a European vacation? Stressing about an expense that’s coming up next summer – When suddenly you arrive home and you don’t even remember the route you took to get there? You walk into your house stressed about your thoughts and crabby at the first person you encounter. WHY?

What if……When you drive down the road you pay attention to the bright blue sky & the warmth that you feel from the sun. Having gratitude for a car to take you from A to B. Being grateful that you are upright and lucky to be alive. Being present to see the car in front of you, the person beside you-give a little wave! Excited to turn down your street and into the driveway, a place you call home. Then walking in the door grateful for the people inside and grateful you made it home to them safe & sound! A shift into the present, practicing gratitude changes everything.

Literally, every time I talk to one of my clients about this it’s almost like a light bulb goes off in their minds. They realize that they are not being present- it’s always thoughts about the past or focusing on the future. When you are not in the present it is very difficult to evoke the emotions of gratitude and happiness for what is right now. Why is gratitude and happiness so important to exude? Because if you aren’t feeling it, why should you expect it? You are giving off what you are receiving- so if you want something different in your life- it is important to check yourself first!

Slow down and smell the roses! You will be surprised what happens when you do.



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