3 Easy Ways To Make Your Dating App Profile Stand Out

As a matchmaker I sometimes find myself advising people about beginning the whole dating process. One of the most important parts of online dating or using a dating app is your profile. Here are 3 easy ways to make your dating app profile stand out.

1. Update your picture. Your photo is the first thing a potential dater sees. Whether we like it or not, it’s what they make their first impression on. If there is no physical attraction, there probably won’t be any initial interest. Find 2 or 3 flattering pictures of yourself in nice attire that accentuate your features. If you need to schedule a professional photography session, do it! A picture can make a world of difference on who you attract. Guys keep the shirts on and ladies no bikini shots. And don’t post old pictures. It will guarantee a bad first date and the person may feel that you tried to deceive them. If you want a relationship, you need to be honest right from the start.

2. Show your personality and your confidence. Think of your best qualities. Those are the things you want to showcase on your profile. Are you funny, intelligent, kind, witty or energetic? Include any hobbies you like to do with some examples to showcase them. The idea is to attract someone with a topic of discussion they may have in common with you. Don’t start you profile with the “My friends would describe me as …” You need to explain you for who you are not some 3rd person perceptions. The idea is to show some confidence. Men and women both like confident people.

3. Proofread. Make sure your profile is grammatically correct. Have a friend look over it. There’s no bigger turn off than a wrong “your” or “there”. Men and women are both attracted to people who have some smarts or education. The name of the game is to put your best game face on here. Think of it like an ad you read. If it has a mistake, you probably won’t buy it. Also, you may even get a mean message about it from a not so nice person.

There are a lot of “ass holes” online so don’t fall into their games with such a simple mistake.

Have fun with it! Dating is all about your perspective and how you approach it. Try these 3 easy ways to make your dating app profile stand out. If you go in knowing you will learn something and grow from each experience, you cannot lose!

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